Newsletter – Returning 2019

Hello and welcome back – long time no see!

I hope you’ve all been able to enjoy the wonderful weather we are currently experiencing.

As many of you will know, I decided to take a break from teaching regular classes last April 2018.  It was a time when I was tied up with family commitments and didn’t have enough left over for teaching.  I have still been teaching 1:1 and I have definitely been well and truly rooted to my own personal practice during that time. Something which I am grateful to always have.

By September last year, I started experiencing some serious nightmares about not teaching ever again – eeek!  This led me on a search to find a new course to ignite what made me happy.  I looked at everything.  Armed with one of my favorite questions from one of my most fabulous teachers, Ingrid Collins: “If you could wave a magic wand… what would you do if money and time were not an issue?” (don’t you just love that?). I seriously searched all over the world and looked and pondered over everything.  I ended up remembering that there was a new Teacher Training course taking place at the wonderful, Lime House studio, North Cornwall, with Jock, Lucinda and Emma.  It was a week to go before they started and I knew they were already fully booked…  So I took the plunge and contacted Jock.  Low and behold, there had been a last minute cancellation.  Result!  I started the course in November last year which runs for 12 months with 300 hours accredited to Yoga Alliance.  The teachers are simply some of the best I’ve had the good fortune to meet and experience yoga with and I feel extremely privileged to have my spot.  I’ve met a fantastic community of other Yogis and I am loving every part of this course… which leads me to coming back to teaching classes again.  I’ve left the office job at Eden, and I have decided that now is the time to start teaching classes again.

And breeeeeathe…..  All I can say is that it feels so right.  That every cell in my body tells me this is right.  You know that saying, don’t just listen to the head, listen to the heart?  Well I say, listen to your body too.  How does it feel in your body?  Is there a difficult or challenging decision that you are currently faced with? Try this method out, and see what comes up…

  • Be comfortable – preferably sitting in either a chair or on your mat.
  • Close the eyes, breathe and scan the body to check-in with how you are feeling in this moment.
  • Now ask the question… how does the body respond to the outcome of that question?

I am so looking forward to re-connecting with you all again.  To celebrate and welcome you all back I have placed 50% off my 90 minute classes.  Please use NEWHC at checkout to redeem your discount.  Full schedule can be found on my website.

The classes at venue, Kernow Yogalates are now live and ready for bookings.  Some of you will have been there before for my workshops.  It’s had a new heating system, lick of paint and a new floor will be laid in the coming weeks.  How lush will that be for the winter months 🙂
Weekly classes at Kernow Yogalates will be:
  • Tuesday’s, 11am – 12.30pm
  • Wednesdays,  5pm – 6.30pm

These will both be Hatha Yoga for mixed abilities.  Including new flowing sequences with a lush relaxation at the end.  I will also be teaching a 2 hour Yin workshop once a month, which will include a Yoga Nidra. First one is:

  • Saturday 17th August, 3-5pm

And as a special offer to all of you who have been signed-up with me since day dot and are receiving this email – I am offering a special 50% discount for 17th August.  Whooopie! Use code WELCOMEBACK at checkout.

For any questions about anything – please do feel free to email, text or call me on 07540838267.
Looking forward to seeing you on the mat 🙂
Big love,
Bonnie xx

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