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Restorative Yoga Workshop in St Austell, Cornwall by Human Compass

Saturday 28th November 3-5pm - Online/Livestream

Do come and join us for the next Workshop which will be streaming live into the comfort of your own homes on Saturday 28th November.  We will spend a luxurious 2 hours dropping into the space of complete relaxation. Bliss!

Restorative Yoga does exactly what it says on the tin. It restores our energy levels. How? When we give our body permission to rest (and I mean really rest – not just watching our favorite box set and lying on the sofa), this is an invitation to the bodies ‘active’ part of the nervous system to switch over to it’s relaxation part. We have to be still for at least 3 full minutes before this switch can take place. A restorative practice is a beautiful gift we can give ourselves. We ask so much of our bodies and minds. It’s great to give something back for all that hard work ॐ

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