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British Masters Longboard Champion

After trying yoga on a number of occasions at different locations, it was a welcome relief to come across Bonnies’ class where the approach was a lot different to what I had experienced before. Bonnies’ calm nature shone through and made the experience so much more enjoyable and left me feeling energised loose and relaxed, everything you should feel after yoga.

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Thank you Bonnie for my 3 ‘one to one’ sessions of yoga guidance, instruction and practice. I feel so much more positive and confident, with clearer goals and ambition for achieving the best my body allows, by following your instruction, with the ability on Zoom for you to explain, correct, enable and encourage me. I have also learnt to think for myself, to make adjustments and to reach for goals before the inevitable prompt... ”fan out the fingers and reach down through the first two knuckles” “open the heart “ etc I have found this to be quietly morale boosting and enabling” he he One to one allowed the focus to be where I was requiring clarity, confidence and specific pointers to help achieve a better practice. To anyone wandering what online privates are like, I would say give it a go, at least one session, but probably more beneficial two, or just be indulgent and go for 3.
Thanks for another great session this morning Bonnie. I’m so enjoying doing yoga with you and, as a Buddhist find it very easy to tune in to your style. Thank you. 🙏
I have regular 1:1 yoga sessions with Bonnie, a truly amazing teacher. Why? Because I wanted to improve my foundation and understanding of yoga, poses, meditation and relaxation. My sessions are created for me, my body (including recovery from a recent sports injury) and my wellbeing. I regard my sessions as sacred and a time for balance. If you want to improve your health and well being, have focused quality time and teaching that supports you, I recommend booking 1:1 regular sessions with Bonnie... it really is life changing.
Beverly Chapman
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for providing the yoga session on Saturday. The feedback was amazing and they all thoroughly enjoyed the session and said what a great teacher you are, so thank you so much!!!
Fowey Hall Hotel
It was great to join in today with everyone online. I just wanted to say how important and helpful your online classes are in the current situation... the focus and the calming effect of yoga and the relaxed and clear way you teach is so helpful. I did watch the gentle hatha session also, so thank you for sharing that. It was very relaxing and does help the slowing down and acceptance of isolation, rather than heightened business to block it out 🙂
I really love your online classes. For me the best thing is the movement with breathing aspect. I prefer this to breathing exercises on their own. But you get the balance right and I know others probably get more from these than i do. I love the feeling that I have gently stretched and moved all parts of my body ,and focused my mind on nothing else. I have also appreciated being in my own comfortable, carpeted and cosy home. I didn’t think that my really slow internet would be able to cope but absolutely no problems. Thanks for your carefully and so well planned lessons. It really shows that you have thought them through. I was a teacher so I know about planning. Best wishes,
Great ‘online’ class! Both the sound & video worked really well and it was easy to follow the lesson thanks to your clear instructions. I am amazed you could also check our postures, it was as if we were in the same room! It was nice to “meet” the other usual yogi friends as well and keep in touch with safe distance apart. It was really good not to have to go out back into the cold and drive after the lesson. Being home means that warmth and kettle were available straight away 😉 and we can stay relaxed.
What a lot of work you put in to make our classes so varied and interesting. We are so lucky. Love,
Really enjoyed that Bonnie, great class, thank you! xx
Thank you so much for another couple of wonderful sessions, which both really hit the spot.
Thank you for this morning’s yoga. I am loving your classes, the postures and also the spiritual element. Have been going through a very difficult time recently and your classes have made me calmer about something I can’t change – so a heartfelt thank you!
This morning's session was excellent. The recognition that we are going through such a bewildering time right now, looking after ourselves is so important. The breathing exercise was really cleansing and it felt like my whole self was being refreshed! I really appreciate these supportive online yoga sessions and look forward to them so much.
Thank you xx
I thought that this mornings session was amazing and I felt very peaceful when we finished, it resonated with me and was very powerful in terms of body and mind. Please keep doing what you are doing, it make a huge difference and I have never experienced anything as good previously.
You have really been such a help to me (and lots of others)in this strange time - thank you xx 🙏
Thank you for a really powerful session this morning. I’m back at work now and that was much-needed. 😊
Moragh x
So wonderful to be back in class. Wonderful session. Looking forward to next week
Bev xx
Last night was excellent, thank you. This is really really helpful right now -a few weeks that would have been tough without coronavirus in any case.
M x
Just to say thank you for setting up the virtual class. I thought it worked amazingly well. Looking forward to next week.
D x
Thank you Bonnie that was amazing - I have missed you.
Absolutely love your two online morning classes. They really set me up for the day and it’s a nice connection with lovely people.
Claire xx
Thank you so much for your brilliant yoga class yesterday, I really enjoyed it and greatly appreciated the benefit. You so remind me of a wonderful yoga teacher I used to have, attending her classes for well over 25 years - she really was exceptional.
Thank you for this morning’s session. It was fabulous and just what I (and my back) needed.
M x
So glad I came along Bonnie, it was an awesome session, thanks for spending the tome to adjust our postures and the yoga nidra was brilliant. I feel great and will try to fit in as many classes as I can this term. Many thanks again! 🙏 a fully relaxed Anabelle! xx
Since I've been coming to your classes, I feel like I can cope better with every day life and I am more tolerable of things that arise. I've been so stressed out since the passing of my mum. This is really helping me clear my mind of all the worries and I feel I'm able to cope better.
A rare opportunity to learn TM. Bonnie is a confident teacher, with a varied knowledge base. Her classes and workshops are always fun and I feel amazing afterwards!
Liz Woollard
After a stress related illness in 2014, I decided to try something completely new in 2015 and approached Bonnie’s yoga class with an open mind and have been amazed by the results. I have never felt so relaxed and calm and my body is already becoming more flexible! Bonnie’s style of teaching is mindful and patient and there is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at class which I look forward to every week. Looking forward to the next class.
I have been going to Bonnie’s classes for about a year now, she runs classes of different levels and I’ve tried them all. Bonnie has been teaching for about two years and is full of enthusiasm and knowledge which is grounded on her years of being a student herself. I really enjoy yoga and the difference it has made to me physically has been so marked that my husband has started to come to the class, now he’s feeling the benefit as well.
Jacqui Obrien
I really enjoyed our yoga class tonight, thank you . In fact I’m so pleased to have ‘found’ you as I think you are a very talented and natural yoga teacher. Whilst I have been practising yoga regularly for the past 2 1/2 years, I have learnt lots of new things since joining your classes, and they’re always fun too.

Nikki Curwen's Transformation

I want to shout out about the benefits of yoga to all that will hear me! Let me tell you of my journey so far……. I have been attending Bonnie’s yoga classes for nearly 18 months now, and I have noticed some remarkable things about me. I originally sought out a yoga class, as I had hurt both shoulders during the course of my work (nursing). I found Bonnie’s advert and rang her, explaining my situation. “Just the thing for you” she said, so I came along. A warm welcome by a friendly face, not sporting the latest designer this or that “must have.” My not so perfect body felt at home. The class began with a short quieting of the mind, following through into gentle stretches, and finishing with relaxation at the end. “Didn’t feel as if I had done much” I recounted the next day to my friend. My body’s gentle ache the day after told me otherwise....

Over the next few months, the gentle aches in my body reminded me of long forgotten parts. Surprisingly, however, something remarkable began to happen. I began to ‘feel’ my body differently as I walked and moved, adjusting my posture whilst sitting (no slouching) engaging my core when bending down/getting up, stretching my toes (no, I didn’t know toes could stretch either); really feeling the ground beneath me. Even better, no shoulder pain and less lower back ache.

My biggest surprise, however, is the improvement in my breathing. Prior to yoga, I had always used a salbutamol inhaler fairly regularly as I suffered with hay fever/dust allergy and tended to get very wheezy chest colds in the winter. Bonnie incorporates yogic breathing in her classes, and since I have been attending her classes, I have not needed my inhaler at all. In fact, I have had a winter without colds and a summer without hay fever symptoms at all. Could my immune system have improved also? Maybe…. I have recently had a bad cold, but still did not need my inhaler. Not wheezy, and still able to do good deep breathing.

I do not advocate that all asthmatics throw away their inhalers and head on down to the nearest ‘Bonnie’ yoga venue, but if they were to go, how wonderful it would be if they could lessen their need to use them? And indeed, how many pounds would the NHS save if more people went to yoga classes for their back care/joint problems/arthritis symptoms/mental health improvement/general well being?

Because that’s how I feel from going to bonnie’s classes – GREAT! And I look forward to continuing my journey of getting to love my body and learning what it is capable of.


Bonnie, I thank you for giving me all this!

Yoga Reviews and Testimonials for Human Compass Cornwall