Meet Bonnie

Hello Beautiful

Welcome to my website and thank you for being here. 

I am a yoga teacher, soul alignment healer, transformational coach, reflexologist,  founder of Human Compass, ex-raver, ex Londoner and now live in Cornwall, UK with my boyfriend and two beautiful fur balls who choose to live with us.  I work alongside men and women empowering them to re-connect with their bodies and souls, to support them finding their true north, through the healing power of yoga, reflexology and soul alignment.

We have all had, and are on a journey through life.  My journey thus far has had some rapid currents… some of which have been amazing experiences and equally not so.  Our experiences are what shapes us, but more importantly it’s our minds that sets the stage.

What I love most about my work, is seeing people release pain, stiffness and begin to breathe more fully and freely through their bodies.  To see them experience that sense of bliss and be able to hear what their soul is needing in that moment.  I love people being healthy, happy and well.  If we haven’t got health and happiness, what have we got?  What is money if we can’t be healthy and happy to enjoy it?

In most cases, taking that first step onto the yoga mat, or into a treatment room can be the hardest.  Joining a class or trying out a new practice/method.  Those doubting questions; ‘what if I look or say something silly?’ OR ‘what if others are better than me?’ OR (and this, I hear a lot…), ‘I can't do yoga because, I can’t touch my toes!’.  Remember that you are your own beautiful self, perfect in your imperfections.  When I first started, I couldn’t sit upright on the floor without the use of my hands supporting me.  I couldn’t touch my knees, let alone my toes!  And both of these attempts were physically painful for me.  We all have to start somewhere and that is one of the very many things that yoga is great for… so we can begin to touch our toes. This can be where the journey begins. One step, one breath and one day at a time.

Be brave and follow the inner wisdom that is tapping you on the shoulder, that guided you here, to this moment, and that has you still reading this page.  If you have any physical pain or deep hurt that you would like to heal, but unsure of which route to take, click the link below to arrange a free 10-minute consultation with me to determine the best choice for you.  I look forward to our time together.

With love,

Bonnie x


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