R E S T O R A T I V E – Y O G A, S O U N D – B A T H and R E I K I Healing, all delivered by candle light.

Join us for a luxurious and cosy afternoon at the Meadow Healing Centre in Lostwithiel on Sunday 23rd February from 2.30pm – 5.30pm.

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Expect the afternoon to start with a delicious Restorative Yoga practice. Whilst here you will be bathed with gentle healing sounds and vibrations as we work through the chakras (energy centres). There will be a short interlude for refreshments in the form of herbal teas and nibbles, concluded by an immersive and healing Sound Bath with individual Reiki healing provided to each person.
Each of these practices complements the other perfectly. When body and mind are relaxed, we are in an optimal state for healing. Time will be suspended as you enter a world of vibration, sensation and experience. Allow yourself to be submerged in a sonic massage where healing vibrational frequencies can delve at a deep cellular level to restore and replenish. In short, it’s like pressing the ‘reset’ button and yet its beauty is that it is totally non-invasive.
About the Practices:
Restorative Yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching, using a number of props to support the body. Prepare yourself for deep relaxation as you move into the stillness of a pose where you will stay perfectly comfortable for 5 minutes or longer. The results of this practice are deeply restorative and muscles are given permission to switch off, moving the nervous system into its Parasympathetic – the relaxation mode. Importantly, this promotes healing to take place at a cellular level. Stillness is a powerful practice. Here is a link to some clinical research:
Nada Brahma is a concept from ancient India and translates that the whole universe was created from the energy of Sound. Sound as a healing modality has been used for thousands of years globally. Different cultures have used vibrational medicine to treat illness, revitalize the body and elevate the spirit and now we are at an exciting point where science can provide us with robust evidence of its impact. This video shows after just 20 minutes of a Gong Sound Bath, human cells are showing hydration and a reduction of inflammation.
About the Practitioners:
Bonnie Suchodolski of Human Compass.
Bonnie offers a heart placed practice; light and full of enthusiasm with uplifting philosophy, non-competitiveness and humour. Using the mindfulness approach of awareness with breath and body alignment. Registered with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and teaching since 2007, clocking up over 1500 hours of supervised teacher training. Bonnie is currently studying for the Reflexology Level 3 Diploma.
Sounds Like Healing – Jane Staffieri and Emily Foulkes
Our practice is compassion and vibrational energy based work. It is placed well and truly at the heart of ‘whole self –healing’. In our Sound Baths, we use a combination of science and ancient practices including Reiki. Both practitioners have undergone varying degrees of Sound Therapy training in 1:1 and group work (Jane, over a period of 6 years) with SHA, the International Sound Healing Academy (Approved Training Provider of ITC -International Institute of Complementary Therapists) https://www.academyofsoundhealing.com/ Emily is also a Reiki practitioner and voice specialist.