Private Yoga

Traditionally, yoga was taught one-on-one. A private yoga session with an experienced teacher can be an instrumental step in developing and deepening your yoga experience, your personal practice, and discovering aspects of your practice that might easily be overlooked in a larger class experience. It can also provide a therapeutic, sustainable strategy for working with specific ailments and a deeper understanding of emotions that surface during practice. For new practitioners, it provides an effective way to learn the fundamental principles of safe and empowering practice. For seasoned practitioners, private sessions offer an opportunity to explore plateaus and dive into more advanced practices. A programme can be tailored to your own needs.

Private yoga session are tailored to the needs and personal goals of each person. Sessions may focus on:

  • therapeutic treatment of physical ailments or discomfort.
  • creating sequences or a customized practice for you to continue on a daily basis.
  • developing a deeper understanding of body mechanics/technique.
  • developing a meditation/mindfulness or pranayama practice.
  • classes are private and confidential.
  • you will get more hands on attention than you would ever get at a public class.

Why Private?

These sessions are especially useful for the following:

  • Are a beginner / returning to classes after a break
  • Those wishing to take their existing personal yoga practice further
  • Those who are conscious about attending a group class for whatever reason
  • Those that don’t have the time to attend a group class

These sessions will be tailored to meet your needs and can follow any schedule or time scale – weekly, fortnightly, once a month etc. They can take place in a location of your choosing and I provide all equipment.

1:1 Yoga:

£35 for a 60 min session + up to 30 minute free consultation with first booking.

£45 for a 90 min session + up to 30 minute free consultation with first booking.

Therapeutic Yoga, Soul Guidance & Healing Sessions:

£60 for a 90 minute session

£150 for 3 x 90 minute sessions

to book either of these options or to discuss further, please contact Bonnie on 07540838267

Private Groups:

Alternatively you can have a private group session giving you the opportunity to work with in a very small group. The group could be you and your family, a couple of your friends or even colleagues.

For groups of more than 1 contact Bonnie for availability and rates, or to simply find out more: or on 07540838267


“It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.“
– Mahatma Gandhi