How we structure our classes and payment


Human Compass payment structure

Most of our classes are structured in six-week blocks, allowing for a friendly, consistent, supportive environment.  Individual places can either be confirmed with advance payment for the whole course using credits or drop-in rates, depending on course content and length of session.

If a particular class is not fully booked by the time it starts, remaining places can still be booked and paid for online/drop-in, once the term has started, at the stated drop-in rate. If students would like to book for the remaining dates within the term, payment can be made at the drop-in rate for the remaining number of weeks left during that term.  Or the 6 class pass/credits can be purchased and you will receive 6 x credits which can be used within the term.  Dates can be found on our schedule page.

Space allowing, students are very welcome to try out a class before committing to book a block. Please note: it is unfortunately not possible to refund sessions you miss, for whatever reason. Please read more about this here before committing to a class.

The structure – whereby people pay in advance for a six class pass – allows students to enjoy the manifold benefits of a consistent practice.

This system allows us to have the security of knowing we can pay our monthly studio rental costs, whilst avoid locking people into an expensive, longer-term membership format.

Students can usually pay quickly and securely on-line, via the main schedule page.

What happens if I cannot attend all the sessions?

As outlined above, places can be confirmed with full, advance payment for the term or class.  We are a small business with finite resources, and we operate in this way to give students and teachers maximum consistency, in a friendly environment where the teacher knows you, and vice versa. It is the student’s responsibility to commit to the sessions before they are booked, and – once booked – sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable. 

For occasions where you know you will be away, or unable to make a session, students can either book for the whole course and if space allows, we may be able to slot you into another class. However, this depends on availability, and on us having received email notification from you beforehand (48 hours’ notice). Please see more about this here.  Or wait for the ‘block booking window’ to close and book the sessions you know you can attend.  Of course, spaces are not guaranteed this way.

How to get a place

Once people start coming to yoga classes at the studio, they tend to stay! We have a very low attrition rate and a high number of students re-booking courses time after time. In many cases, 100% of students re-book onto the next term, once one block has ended.

Once students have secured a place on a course, they are then given first refusal to take the next term. Any spare places are then marketed.

As courses generally run in a rolling six-week term, recruitment for new courses occurs in regular cycles. The best way of securing a place on a course outside these times is to get in touch via the contact form, and register interest in a particular class. We will always email this group before places are opened to the general public.

For further information about dates of new courses, please see our schedule.