… Hats, gloves, scarves and big cuddly cardies. Brown leaves, bonfires and jacket spuds cooked in tin foil mmmmmm…. and not forgetting the fireworks too! I love this time of year. Great excuse to cuddle up alone, or with a loved one (furry or human!), on a sofa with a warm cup of hot chocolate, or better yet, cup of termeric tea! Nights draw in and some of us have a chance to re-charge during the autumn and winter months. I guess the trick is to stay open… don’t allow the shoulders to droop – esp when it’s cold and feels oh so right to huddle up and protect the body, into the fetal position… work towards allowing the heart space to stay open and shoulders away from the ears. Be open in heart as well as mind. And even in the darkness, allow life to continue to flow through you. Breathe xxx